Use as Compiled Executable

It is the simplest way to use Platformus. Just download and run. You can still add your own classes and logic, but you need to compile the packages for that and copy them to the extensions folder.

  1. Download the latest Platformus archive from the website.

2. Extract it to a web server (as any other ASP.NET Core web application, Platformus can run using the embedded Kestrel web server, or using the standalone web servers like Apache, Nginx, or IIS). 3. Run Platformus using the following commands:

cd path to the extracted archive
dotnet WebApplication.dll

As the result, you should see the following output:

  1. Open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:5000/.
  2. As the result, you should see the Platformus installer:

Click the Install now button.

5. On the Usage Scenario page, select the scenario you want to be installed (there will be more scenarios available in the future):


Scenario may include packages, storage scripts, views, scripts, styles, and any other content.

Click the Next button.

  1. On the Storage Type page, select the storage type you want to use:

Click the Next button.

7. On the Storage Connection page, type the connection string to connect your storage. You can test the connection using the corresponding button:


Click the Next button.

  1. On the Administrator Account page, type the username and password of the administrator account:

Click the Next button.

  1. On the Language Packs page, select the languages you want to be available as the backend UI ones:

Click the Next button.

  1. On the Finish page, you are ready to complete the installation:

Click the Finish button.

  1. Installation completed successfully.

12. Now, please, restart your web application for the applied changes to take effect. Don’t forget to remove the Platformus.Installer.dll file from the extensions folder. Your web application for the selected usage scenario is ready to use: