Data Sources

Each endpoint needs data sources to be able to build a model. Data sources use the specified implementation of the IDataProvider interface to provide data to the endpoints. You can manage them (create, edit, and delete) from the backend using the Data sources section of the endpoints:


Each data source has code and data provider C# class name:



Code is used as the model property name. So, if you have specified some code, your model (for example, a view model) will have a property with this name.

Data provider C# class

It allows you to specify, which C# class (implementation of the IDataProvider interface) will provide data for this data source.

There are few built-in data providers. PageObjectDataProvider loads the object by its URL property value. ObjectsDataProvider loads the objects of the specified class. RelatedObjectsDataProvider loads the objects that are related to the one, which URL property value matches current request’s URL.